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A new lease of life

The kitchen is getting ripped out!

After talking about it for 9 years, we finally put a deposit down for a brand spanking new kitchen….cue big smiles all round!

First though is the mess. Ripping out the old. Stripping the plaster off the walls. Taking a chimney out. Digging up the floor. Rewiring. Plumbing. It’s a huge renovation!

But, the work has started and layer after layer is being stripped back.

The horrible ‘cover the problems’ wood panelling has gone. This was stuck onto the old tiles, which were stuck onto the old wallpaper. They’ve all gone and the room is finally being allowed to breathe again.

It reminds me of us humans in some respects!

Sometimes we need to peel back the old layers which we’ve used to cover over the things we no longer like or want in ourselves.

By stripping back those layers, we can give ourselves a new lease of life and allow our dreams to become reality.

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