Networking – it’s not just business suits and meeting rooms

Take a business networking meeting with accountants, personal trainers, business service providers, training providers, web developers and magazine editors and your first thought would not be outdoor adventures. Think again! The Penistone Business Group recently held one of their  networking meetings at Underbank Activity Centre, home of Peak Pursuits. First impressions might lead you to… Continue reading Networking – it’s not just business suits and meeting rooms

Yorkshire Sculpture Park
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Creative? Me? Are you serious?

I recently did a course which directed me towards a personality profiling tool and was surprised to find that I had a 'Creator' personality. When someone at work once called me creative, I dismissed the idea thinking that they must have been a little crazy, or perhaps wanted to manipulate me to get involved in… Continue reading Creative? Me? Are you serious?

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Which way next?

I'm regularly asked the following question at work: “how do I tell people about my product/service so that I can get selling and make some money?” On the surface, it seems a pretty sensible question. However, a little digging around often uncovers a jumbled mind of ideas and no thought around who will actually purchase their… Continue reading Which way next?


Fear (or is it just excitement)

This weekend, I flew above the cloud line, jumped out of a plane at 11,000 feet, did free fall of around 6,000 feet and then glided gracefully back down to earth....obviously attached to a very competent skydiving instructor! I have to keep checking to make sure that it really did happen. It's a surreal feeling,… Continue reading Fear (or is it just excitement)