Blog Posts

Blogs are used to communicate with your customers (existing or new) and sharing them on social media will help to attract people to your website.

It’s important to post regularly, keeping readers interested and ensuring that your website looks up to date.

I can help you continue creating regular and interesting posts

There are a few different ways we can work together:

A: Monthly payment plan 

  • 1 blog post per month (around 500 words)
  • 2 blog posts per month (around 500 words)
  • 4 blog posts per month (around 500 words)

B: One off payment for a series of blogs

  • 5 blog posts (around 500 words per post)
  • 10 blog posts (around 500 words per post)

We will agree in advance the topics, style, target audience and a posting schedule – then you can simply leave it up to me to create the words.

The cost will be dependent on a variety of factors from length of blog required, amount of research needed and whether you want me to write from scratch or work on something you have already drafted together.

Why choose me?

I’ve had my own blog since 2014.

I’ve also written online posts for other organisations and currently look after a blog for a conservation charity.

In other words, I understand different styles when communicating with people on blog.

Get in touch to find out the different packages offered and the discounts available.


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