Press Releases

If you’ve got a great story which you’d like to see in the press, commissioning  a well written article in the correct format will give you a much better chance of seeing it printed.

Editors are really busy people, so make life easy for them and send all the information they need in a format they can use.

Why work with me?

I’ve been sending press releases to newspapers since 2014. More importantly, they get printed and often word for word.

Originally, they were to shout about the people supported on our business start-up programmes. More recently, I’ve written for other organisations and also had press releases printed about my own achievements: winning a blogging award and the publication of a walking guidebook.

You can commission me to write a well crafted press release for your business, drafted in an acceptable format for editors. It’s then down to you to send it to the people you would like to print the story.

We can negotiate an additional fee for me to work with you to identify potential publications, but please note that I’m not a PR Agency with a book full of press contacts.

If you’d like to chat further, please get in touch.

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