Do you have some written work which you’d like to get online, but no time or inclination to sit for hours in front of a computer to type it up?

It could be:

  • Written reports
  • Book drafts
  • Historical family documents
  • Academic dissertations

Alternatively, maybe you have some audio or video content which you want putting into text so that it can be emailed out or downloaded as an e-workbook:

  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Online conferences

How my background will help with your project

I’m a qualified touch typist – yep, I can use all fingers and thumbs when typing and also continue typing accurately when I’m not looking at the keyboard.  That translates into speed and accuracy for your transcription project.

When I took the exams, it was on one of those old fashioned typewriters and my speed for the advanced exam was 65wpm.  I also qualified as an audio typist at the same time.

My training actually came in useful when I was a student – my first ever transcription project was typing up a dissertation for one of the medical students next door.

Since those days, I’ve thankfully moved onto computers and through years of working in office environments, consider myself to have fast and accurate word processing skills.

As an extra bonus, I have strong proofreading skills which will also benefit you when contracting me for transcription services.

To discuss your specific project and requirements in more detail, please get in touch.


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