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This is the digital age and with information at our fingertips, people will usually search online first to look before they buy.

Your website is therefore one of your best marketing tools.

It’s effectively your shop front and the good news is that it’s becoming easier to create your own website via simple templates.

So why hire someone to write for your website?

  • Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with where to start or perhaps you just want to develop some new content but struggle to find the time to write it.
  • An experienced writer will use the language and tone to appeal to your customers (formal or informal, technical or non-technical) and incorporate the keywords you want to include for SEO (search engine optimisation).
  • A good copywriter will write with your brand image in mind.
  • You may have contracted a website designer to build you a beautiful looking website and want a copywriter to work alongside them to provide the words for your website.

Why choose me?

If you have specific terminology relating to your business, working directly with somebody who understands your product or service will make the whole process much easier.

So if you’re a business in the outdoor industry, it makes sense to hire somebody like me who can identify with your customers and understand your karabiners, gaiters and cranks.

I can work in both WordPress and Squarespace and have built websites on both platforms.

If you’re looking for someone to get you up and running by building you a simple website of up to 10 pages and help you write the content….look no further!


To chat in more detail, please contact me.



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